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Ensuring your home’s safe and pest-free, it’s an essential task that professionals should only handle. At Hometown Pest Solutions, our team of experts has over 28 years of combined experience helping property owners guarantee they inhabit a safe place. We’ll go above and beyond to provide you with comprehensive pest control solutions for your property.


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  • Highly experienced & knowledgeable professionals
  • Members of: NC Pest Management Association, National Pest Management Association, ABI International
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At Hometown Pest Solutions, we offer effective pest control services that aim to ensure you’re in a safe and healthy environment. If you suspect your property is infested with bed bugs, it might be time to get professional help. Our certified bed bug exterminator will inspect your property thoroughly and eliminate an infestation present. Moreover, we offer mold removal services. Just give us a call today to learn more about our services, which include:


  • Home pest control
  • Bed bug exterminator
  • Moisture removal
  • Residential ant exterminator
  • Commercial ant exterminator


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Let our pest control specialist ensure your property in Pitt County, NC, is a safe and healthy place. We work with the right equipment and latest technology to give you a reliable service. Contact us today by calling (252) 230-3195 and get a free inspection from tried and tested professionals. 

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